Iris(Irisu) is a Gyaos like organism that appeared in Gamera 3:Revenge of Iris(1999)


Iris is also the name in Greek mythology and a flower. He is also commonly called Irys


Baby Iris has a snail like shell with a pointy head with small black eyes. He also has a few tentacles which he uses to absorb fluids by retractable spikes. The Adult has a pointy head,yellow eyes,elaborate shell like shoulder spikes, large sharp hand and knee swords,and 4 tentacles with bone tips. He also has blue and one yellow luminescent spots on his chest. Though not visible in the films,he has hooves.



  • He can communicate and be guided with his own bead similar to Gamera's
  • He can fuse with Ayana to gain strength and the ability to manipulate his own chromosome.
  • He can evolve himself to the situation.
  • He can absorb body fluids with his hand swords and tentacles.
  • He can absorb Gamera's energy to fire his Fake Plasma Beam from his bone tips.
  • He can shoot Sonic Scalpel beams from his bone tips.
  • He can split his tentacles into two and grow a rainbow like colored membrane in between to fly.
  • He can also shoot jets out of tentacle sockets to speed up flight.



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